The last couple days have been super busy!  Yesterday, we had a group of houseguests stay overnight (Keith’s brother, sister-in-law, her sister, and their 3 kids).  We went out to dinner together and spent the rest of the evening visiting.

After work tonight, I had an OB appointment, followed by an hour-long appointment to pre-register at the hospital, and then I grabbed a quick dinner before getting a (much needed) pedicure.  I usually am not one to go out and spend money on getting my nails done, but I can’t reach my toenails to even trim them, and I don’t want to have people staring at my talons when I’m in labor!  Because I’m sure all the nurses will be fixated on my feet…

Anyway, since D-Day is getting closer and closer, I am getting more anxious for Baby to arrive and for us to finally find out if I’ve been housing a little boy or a little girl and what s/he will look like.

Of course, EVERYONE has an opinion, and they feel free to give it.  Some are nicer than others when expressing their opinion.  At this point, I think the husband and I are both getting a little tired of people asking what we are having, us explaining we aren’t finding out the sex, and then people reacting: “What are you going to do with the nursery then?” or “Well, what kind of clothes do you have for the baby?”  First of all, a nursery does not need to be pink or blue.  Secondly, there are plenty of neutral clothing options to dress baby until s/he is born and Grandma (and whoever else) decides to go crazy buying gender-specific clothing.  I don’t think the baby will have to go naked.

End rant.  🙂

It is fun to look up the old wives’ tales and see which ones might point to us having a boy or girl.  Of course, these have pretty much all been disproven by science, and every woman’s pregnancy is different, so I take these with a grain of salt.  I thought it would be fun to compare some of these old wives’ tales to determine if they lean one way or the other!

  • Heart rate:  If the heart rate is over 140, it’s a girl.  Below 140 is a boy.  Our baby’s heart rate has been in the 140s to 150s pretty consistently. (GIRL)
  • Carrying:  If you are carrying high with a big, round belly, it’s a girl.  If you are carrying low with a smaller belly that sticks out, it’s a boy.  People have commented both that I am carrying high and low, but I guess my belly is on the smaller side, so…BOY?
  • Shape of Mom’s Face:  If mom’s face becomes more full and round, it’s a girl.  If the face is long and narrow, it’s a boy.  My cheeks have definitely gotten a bit rounder!  (GIRL)
  • Cravings:  Craving salty foods when pregnant indicates a boy, while craving sweets, fruit, and OJ point to a girl.  I haven’t really had cravings, but I have a sweet tooth in general, and did start wanting orange juice in the mornings, so…GIRL.
  • Preferred Side to Rest On:  If you prefer laying on the left side, it’s a boy, but the right side indicates a girl.  I tend to flip-flop at night, but I start on the right side.  (GIRL)
  • Dad’s Weight Gain:  If Dad gains weight while you are pregnant, it’s a girl.  If he doesn’t gain weight, it’s a boy.  I think Keith said he’s gained a little weight, nothing crazy, but I guess that points to GIRL.
  • Morning Sickness:  No morning sickness = boy.  Sick or nauseous during pregnancy = girl.  I was lucky this time and didn’t get sick at all.  (BOY)
  • Heartburn:  This one doesn’t indicate gender, but allegedly, if you have heartburn during your pregnancy, the baby will come out with hair.  I have been heartburn free, so I guess we’re having a baldy!  🙂

From this list, it looks like the old wives are predicting a bald baby girl for us!  However, I can think of examples for all of these “tests” where the result was opposite what was predicted!  I guess we will just have to wait patiently to find out!

What do you predict?  Boy or girl?  Hair or no hair?  How about weight or birthday?


Ahhhhhh…I am finally relaxing upstairs in our air-conditioned bedroom getting ready to turn in for the night.  Today has been quite a long, productive day!  Like every Sunday, I’m wishing I had just one more day before the work week starts!

I actually slept in a little today, until about quarter to 8.  At least once on the weekends, I like to make breakfast for my hubby and myself.

I like eggs, but I don’t usually make them for myself for breakfast.  I would much rather have something bready/carby in nature, and preferably sweet.  🙂


I just really wanted an excuse to have biscuits and honey, but I knew one biscuit wouldn’t fill me up.


Scrambled eggs are kicked up a notch with hot sauce!


Plus, a sliced peach.  Again, I really need to work on my peach-slicing skills.


After breakfast, I went out for a very humid walk (gotta get that baby in position!), showered, and went to work to finish those notes that have been nagging me since Friday afternoon.

Once I finished up my work, I picked up Keith and we did some grocery shopping.  We didn’t have to pick up too much, just some basics and a few things to make dinner with this week.

I was pretty hungry when we got home, so I reheated some leftovers from dinner on Friday night.  We went to the Wild Rover with another couple, and I ordered the Riverbush Salmon, which comes with mashed potatoes.  I only could finish about half of it, but it made the perfect quick lunch for today.


Keith was tired after a long morning of golf and groceries.


I got to work on dinner.  Jenna made a Cheesy Zucchini Pizza the other night that looked fabulous and easy.  I decided to make the pizza dough from scratch, since it’s been a while since I’ve made it.

Grating the zucchini was fun, and it looks so pretty all mixed in with the mozzarella.







This was REALLY good!  I totally recommend this recipe.  It has a really nice flavor, and the ricotta cheese makes it so creamy.  It would be perfect with a nice, cold, glass of white wine.

I settled for iced tea.


And finished off dinner with a sundae cone.


All day long I’d been thinking about making muffins, too.  I have a really great recipe for oatmeal muffins, and I had blueberries sitting in the fridge that were begging to be used.

I thought they would be extra delicious with a streusel topping.  I’ve never made streusel before, but I found a recipe that seemed easy enough, so I whipped it together.


Unfortunately, I may have either mixed it too much, or else the kitchen was just way too warm and the butter softened too much.  It turned out like more of a creamy spread than a crumble.

I attempted to crumble it as much as possible.  I figured a cinnamon-sugar buttery topping wouldn’t hurt the muffins if it ended up just melting on top.

Final product:


No crumbles.  😦


They still taste amazing!


(Flash alert!)


I made a dozen muffins total, and I really don’t think they will be lasting long around here!

Now that I’m typing all this up, I realized I used the oven 3 times today (biscuits, pizza, muffins) and washed dishes at least 4 times.  Plus, our house is pretty darn hot and humid.  Running the oven so much probably wasn’t the smartest idea for the super furnace that is me.  Though, I did have my buddy with me:


I’m actually looking forward to doing some more baking tomorrow.  There is another recipe I really want to try, and I’d like to bring in a treat for a work meeting on Tuesday morning.

Stay tuned tomorrow to find out what my husband bought me for my birthday!  🙂

What is your favorite food to bake?  I love making chocolate chip cookies, but I probably end up just eating the dough 75% of the time.  🙂

Good Saturday morning!

The last few days of the work week have been a blur, leaving me pretty darn tired by the end of the day.  I actually have to go in for a little while today to finish some notes on the computer.  Our documentation is all done with a computer program, and we have one desktop and one laptop that is kept in a locked cabinet (so more than one person can work on notes at a time).  Well, yesterday morning the lock for the cabinet kind of fell off/broke, but we can’t get in!!  So we were limited to one computer with 3 people all clamoring to get on at the end of the day.  I decided to just leave a little early and finish my notes today rather than sit around and wait on a Friday afternoon!

C’est la vie!

The last few days of the week, I woke up thinking about how excited I was to sleep in on Saturday, and you know what?  I woke up at the same time without an alarm and ready to get up.

Mostly, I was hungry and couldn’t wait to make breakfast!


Oatmeal with flax, cinnamon, coconut, granola, dried cranberries, and a little scoop of peanut butter tucked in.


My little beverage treat was a home-made “mocha”, which is basically just coffee with milk and a couple scoops of chocolate milk mix.


Went down nice and easy!  🙂

On my agenda for the day:

  • Laundry/cleaning
  • Running errands
  • Walk
  • Haircut
  • Work (boo!)
  • Dinner out with friends

What are your plans for the weekend?

Wow.  Is the weekend here yet??  The work days have definitely flown by, but I still feel like I have so much to get done!

Since it’s been so hot in the mornings, I wanted to make a breakfast that would be nice and cold, but different then the same old bowl of cereal.

I tried overnight oats before and wasn’t very impressed, but I figured I’d give them another go and followed Kath’s general recipe.  I used 1/3 cup of oatmeal, lite vanilla soymilk, and plain Greek yogurt, plus some cinnamon for the base.

In the morning, all the liquid had been soaked up into the oats, and I added some granola and coconut for the toppings.

All mixed up!


I debated adding the raspberries to the oatmeal, but I have this weird aversion to mixing fresh fruit in things and would rather just eat the berries on their own.  🙂



Oh my.  I am so glad I tried overnight oats again, because these were phenomenal!  So delicious and kept me much more full than a bowl of cold cereal.

After being a busy little worker bee this morning, I came home for a lunch consisting of last night’s leftovers.


Yes, I ate them out of the bowl I had mixed everything up in.  I like to think that I am conserving dishes (and therefore water) and not that I’m just lazy.  🙂

I also enjoyed a peach (which, apparently, I do not know how to slice correctly).


And finished it off with a Tofutti Cutie mint chocolate chip sandwich.


Thankfully, there are only a few ice cream sandwiches left in the freezer.  They are constantly calling my name, I swear!!

Keith was nice enough to make dinner, which consisted of pasta salad and brats on the grill.

I spent the majority of the rest of the evening cleaning up the kitchen and bathroom and working myself into a hot, sweaty mess.

With Baby just a few weeks away from making his/her appearance, I am starting to feel a liiittttle stressed out about what I need to get done.  I have a ton of paperwork for my job that needs to be finished before on maternity leave.  Some of it I have taken home to work on, and some needs to be done on the computer at the nursing home I’m working at.  I have to tell myself that the sooner I get this done, the less stressed I will feel, but that last thing I want to do at the end of the day is more work!

I’m off to make a big dent in my stack of papers before I fall asleep.  I’ve got an early morning wake-up call to get to work an hour early to try to get that computer work out of the way, too.

You know, I bet if I left this stuff a while longer, I probably would go into labor just to show that I should have done it earlier, but once I get it all done, I’ll probably go past my due date and end up having to be induced since I was actually prepared!  Isn’t that the way the world works sometimes??

Have a good night…tomorrow’s Hump Day!  🙂

I’m doing a little dance in my head right now, because I just checked the weather and we are supposed to hit a high of a lovely 70 degrees on Friday!  Woot!  :)  Now I’m even more excited for the end of the week!

My day started with an uninteresting bowl of cereal that was not documented, followed by a fast and productive morning at work.  I’m hoping the rest of the week goes as smoothly as the morning did!

The other nice thing about the nursing home I’m at this week is that it’s practically across the street from my house, so I can come home for lunch!

I pretty much just had a repeat of yesterday’s lunch.

Yogurt bowl with granola and honey, with the added bonus of coconut.


Plus another yummy peach.


After I finished the caseload at the nursing home, I had a patient to see at their home.  At this point, my tummy was hungry, so I scarfed down a Kashi trail mix granola bar on the way.

When I got home, the hubs called to tell me he was golfing and wouldn’t be home until later, so I was on my own for dinner.  I had two immediate thoughts: 1) I could go for some spicy Thai food, 2) Or I could eat a bunch of ice cream sandwiches.

I ended up ignoring both thoughts and made one of my favorite, easy pasta dishes.


While I cooked the penne, I heated up a mixture of a little butter, olive oil, minced scallions, minced garlic, red pepper flakes, and lemon juice.  After draining the pasta, I mixed it in a bowl with the butter sauce and added spinach and halved grape tomatoes, as well as crumbled goat cheese and tossed everything together.

So good!  It makes a great cold pasta salad, as well, which is what I’m planning on doing with the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  🙂

I rewarded my efforts at making a real dinner at home with an ice cream sandwich.


I pretty much just relaxed for the rest of the night.  I have a ton of to-do’s hovering over me right now, but I’m lacking the motivation to get anything done at the end of the day.

Instead, I try to hang out on the couch and admire my elephant feet.  Gotta love water retention!


Has anyone seen my malleoli?  I seem to have lost them.  😦

I know a lot of people woke up to August 1st and began mourning the end of summer, but I am one of the odd-balls who cannot wait for fall!

I am That Person who is always melting while everyone else in the room is either perfectly comfortable or chilly.  In the middle of winter, I will start sweating while blow-drying my hair in the morning.  It’s obnoxious.

Fortunately (for some people, ha), we’ve had a really nice summer in the UP this year.  Spring came early, and although June was a little more rainy, we’ve had a lot of warm, sunny days this year.  Last year it was cloudy, rainy, and pretty cool for most of the summer.  I would really enjoy these warm temps if I could sit on the beach all day and jump in Lake Superior whenever I needed to cool off.  It’s not as comfortable when you’re trying to look presentable at work, doing a more physically demanding job, in a facility that has pretty terrible airflow.  I’m tired of the thermostat in our living room reading 80 degrees at night and 78 in the morning.  I would totally be happy with temps in the low 70s!

End rant.  🙂

Before the temps started to climb this morning, I made a super delicious bowl of oats with granola, peanut butter, brown sugar, and dried cranberries on top.


After breakfast, I went for a 3 mile walk and the temperature was starting to climb.  I came home, did some sweaty strength training, and showered up.

I was craving a cold yogurt bowl mess.


And then had the most delicious peach from yesterday’s visit to the farmer’s market.



I haven’t had an updated belly photo in a while, so here’s my 36 week shot:


I look TIRED and ruddy.  I actually debated if I wanted to post this or take another picture tomorrow.  I’m definitely at the point in this pregnancy where I’m feeling less than stellar about my appearance.  Yuck.

I’m off to bed!  Keeping my fingers crossed for a super speedy week!

How do you psych yourself up for the work week ahead??

I started out this morning waking up at 6 am to an aching Charlie horse in my right calf.  After a minute of applying deep pressure to the muscle, I fell back asleep for another hour, only to wake up at 7 with another Charlie horse in my left leg!!  I decided to cut my losses and get out of bed.

I had a small bowl of cereal when I first got up, and then went out for a nice 3 mile walk along Lake Superior.  There is a lot going on in Marquette this weekend!  Art on the Rocks is going on at Lower Harbor, as well as the Blueberry Fest downtown.

I came home, showered, and whipped up a yummy Green Monster.


I had just enough time to get dressed and inhale my smoothie before Kathryn picked me up to go to the Farmer’s Market.

For some reason, I find the farmer’s market a little intimidating.  I always pictured the vendors to be super nice and smiley, and most of the time they look kind of bored and just give you the eye when you walk  by, as if to challenge you to purchase something from their stand.  Also, the crowds are not real friendly, either, and people have no problem cutting in front of you in line.  I guess I always just imagined they would all be smiling, happy hippies.

I snacked on a most delicious blueberry almond scone from the Marquette Baking Company while we perused the selections.


I ended up getting some kale, peaches, and raspberries.  I was very tempted to get wild blueberries after how amazing they were from my mom, but I actually have regular blueberries in my fridge that should be eaten first.

After hitting up the market, I made a quick run to Target to pick up a card for my grandpa’s birthday, and then stopped by the co-op to get me some Fage!  Fage is my favorite Greek yogurt, and the co-op is the only place in town that sells it.  I think I saw individual sizes once at Econo, but they were nowhere to be found the last time I went shopping there.

I also picked up some tabouleh, which I ate for lunch with a side of pita chips and hummus.



I’ve also been wanting to try coconut milk ice cream, so I bought a pint in a “naked coconut” flavor.  I had a tiny bowl with lunch.


This is so good!  I really like coconut anyway, and this pretty much just tasted like coconut ice cream.  Maybe if I tried a flavor like chocolate or vanilla I may have noticed a difference, but this was really good!  Plus, it had little chunks of coconut in it, which I adore.

On a random note, my camera is taking horrible pictures.  I can only get about 20% of them to turn out focused!  Maybe it would be a good idea to get a new, shiny, DSLR for my birthday (which is only 17 days away)?

Any camera recommendations?